Tuesday, 13 May 2008

12 weeks 3 days - another entry - new photos!

Hey again all! (Second entry of the day - if you missed one hit the <<>

I've been a busy girlie today! I've tidied up the box room ready for the armchairs to go in (sofas arriving tomorrow woohooo! Although I'm paranoid they'll end up going to the billing address - our old address we lived in when we ordered the sofas, not the delivery address we stated to them at time of ordering). I've also been busy with the camera! (double woohoo!) Go clicky on the belly gallery link for self taken slightly blurry and surprisingly flattering pic of 12 week belly, complete with cat in the background!

And then get yo ass back here, because there's a second pic! And it's been a long time coming! My 8 (hehe) pregnancy tests!! I spent ages trying to get them in focus, so you could see the lines and text perfectly clearly...

Tell me... can you see a teeny tiny hint of a line on the top two?? No? Try squinting, and holding the webpage up to the light, can you see it now? Just about? And so finally you see what my early EARLY entries were about! Hehe! And why I wasn't keen to shout it out until the line became darker :)

My tummy has been feeling hmmm.. what's the word... tight I suppose. I would bend over slightly and my tummy would CLENCH and I was like woahhhhh... how weird! But also wonderful! I love how different my body feels now I'm pregnant, particularly my tummy. :)

Anyway, thanks for reading! Again! :)

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