Tuesday, 27 May 2008

14 weeks 3 days - Sausage's development and home-ware buying!

14 weeks and 3 days along today. Second midwife appointment is in 2 weeks and 1 day! I can't believe how much sausage has grown in the 2 weeks it's been since the scan. I can't believe it's BEEN 2 weeks since the scan! It still seems like just a few days ago! But at the scan, Sausage measured 53mm from rump to crown, s/he can now be anywhere between 85 and 90mm! That's almost double! S/he is also practicing different facial expressions, and is starting to grow hair and eyebrows. Little Sausage is now definitely a he or a she, organs have differentiated into male or female ones, and only time will tell before Mummy and Daddy know whether to buy pink or blue!

In the last few days, I have noticed an alarming increase of urination. And unlike for the most part this pregnancy, yesterday for the first time I felt like I really needed a wee, went to the toilet, and only a little came out. I need to get up at least once during the middle of the night these days to go to the toilet, most often two times before I get up in the morning. And as such my sleep is suffering a little too - because when I get up to wee, I wake up, then when I get back into bed, Jonathan is snoring and wheezing away, making it difficult for me to get back to sleep. Argh! J and I went to Chiquito in Milton Keynes (ahhh how I love that place!) for a meal on Saturday on the way back from Aylesbury. I had 3 glasses of diet coke there (although really I think it was probably just over two, because of the amount of ice they like to throw into the glasses - sigh), and I had to go to the toilet just after we the starter, and then again at the end of the meal. I can usually manage just after we've had the meal. Apparently the frequent toilet trips are supposed to be waning, not escalating! Hehe. Ah well, at least it's something that makes me think all the time that I am pregnant still! :) (even though it's a little infuriating at the time!)

I'm going to try and take some pictures of the house today - since we've not done any since we've moved in, and it's high time we did it :D Our bedroom is nice now, the living room is nice, the kitchen is about the same as it was before hehe. But it'll be nice to have photos of how it was when we moved in, like we had for the old place to see the difference heh.

We went shopping in Milton Keynes yesterday - looking for furniture and stuff for the house. We still have several hundred pounds worth of vouchers from our wedding three years ago, which we can now finally spend on things for the house! We went around with a shopping list of two nice toilet brushes, a table for the hallway to put the phone and the mail on, etc, and maybe a nice dining table and chairs. We went in John Lewis first, and found a cheapy bit of furniture which would have done for the table in the hall, it was about �60, but it wasn't very nice to look at. We also went around and looked at their table and chairs sets, and we found a lovely one which was a nice square size unextended, that I believe will fit 4 people easily (or just about) as it is, and then extended will fit another 2 people. The only thing with the dining furniture in John Lewis is that it's quite.... pricey! lol But we have �140 in vouchers to mitigate the damage hehe. And we're thinking that maybe if people ask what I want for my birthday, I can ask for a dining chair from the set! ;) Although my mum at least is incredibly anal about birthdays and birthday presents etc. But I do really want a dining table. Not least because I know that when I'm heavily pregnant, eating food off my lap will become very difficult. I'll see if I can persuade her, although I don't know if she will be able to afford a chair (the ones that match the table we want is almost �100 per chair!), maybe if it's mine AND J's birthday presents for that year maybe.

Anyway, then we went to Marks and Spencer - we had �365 to spend there in vouchers, and we found a couple of nice toilet brushes - a nice marble one for the main bathroom (that co-incidentally matches the bath and toilet etc!), and a steel one for the downstairs toilet. And while we were looking around, we found a nice "bathroom storage tower" that would actually go PERFECTLY in the hallway! Was very nice to look at too. It was over double the amount of the plain bookcase-type table we saw in John Lewis, but I think it was worth it, plus we had more vouchers to spend there ;) We ordered it, but unfortunately we'll have to wait another 7-8 weeks (sigh) for it to arrive. Which is smack-bang around the date for my second scan. But apparently if they say a date you can't be there to accept, you can get them to deliver it another day. If it's going to delay it too much though I suppose I could ask our next door neighbours to accept it for us, check it over, and hold it until we get back from the scan (assuming it's going to arrive while we're at the hospital for the couple hours it'll take lol). it's a shame we couldn't take one of the two display models home with us that day! ;)

Ahh, it's so nice buying things for the home. Anyway, I've rambled on long enough, I need to go get dressed, and take some photos of the house now :) Hope you're all okay, and thanks for reading!

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