Wednesday, 7 May 2008

11 weeks 4 days - enjoying the sun, sausage's development so far.

Wheee, happy anniversary me! Thanks to those of you who sent me notes wishing me the same. xx We're going to walk down into town and have a nice meal out to the Indian restaurant. We went there last week some time and it was gorgeous! I can't believe that the sun is STILL out! I just feel like I'm on holiday, it's so great! This morning, I got a bowl of cereal and a cup of tea, and went and had my breakfast OUTSIDE! And this is the 5 day forecast for my area! For when the data changes in days/weeks months to come, I'll say it here: Today: 22 degrees, sunny with some cloud. Thursday: 23 degrees, sunny. Friday: 22 degrees, sunny with some cloud. Saturday: 24 degrees, sunny. Sunday: 23 degrees, sunny. I just feel so cheerful now with the sun, before in the flat if it got too hot there wasn't much I could do other than open all the windows, lie under the fan in the bedroom starkers and wet (haha) to cool off. Being on the first floor meant it was hotter than the flat below us, we got all their heat rising as well. This summer, I can go downstairs, open the french doors, hear the birds tweeting, and ahh it's just sooo blissful! I am SO lucky.

Now, to make this entry a BIT about pregnancy (hehe), here's what is happening with my baby right now and what s/he has already done!

Sausage is now over 2 inches long! S/he is also very active although I cannot feel him/her moving yet. Sausage's fingers are now developed and no longer webbed, and are growing fingernails! All of Sausage's major organs are now formed and functioning too, and s/he is practicing swallowing the amniotic fluid (and his/her kidneys are busy turning this fluid into urine!). Sexual organs are also developing, and should be formed in a few weeks.

It seems so crazy - especially since my symptoms haven't been severe, and I'm just waiting for the scan to show me that yes, this is really happening! I'm also eager to see if the LMP based EDD was close - I might have to change the ticker if it is way off! Hoping you're all okay. xx

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