Wednesday, 11 April 2012

See last post first.

Since this morning's post, I have been thinking all morning about it. I am trying to hold on to some hope that maybe all is ok. The bleeding hasn't turned into a full period - YET. I would class it I suppose as light flow. I've had a few tiny clots as well. Which is normal for me in a period.

I feel sad, yet I do still have a bit of hope. Yesterday I was so happy, I felt pregnant, I could see the line, even though it was a fainter than faint one, it was still a line. And that line to me meant that there was a baby there, somewhere, at some point in its journey.

I guess.. I wait. Maybe til this weekend. See what happens with the bleeding. See if it carries on, see if it stops, see how long it carries on for. And maybe test again at the weekend. If it was a period... it should come up as negative, right?

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  1. Refreshing your blog obsessively for an update!!! ;) Hope you're doing okay - any changes?