Friday, 13 April 2012

Ok.. quite confused.

I am resigned to the fact that the baby is gone. Yet some people have mentioned how they continued to have period*s* during their pregnancy, so I googled it, and read that if your hormones aren't strong enough it can sometimes lead to decidual bleeding, where all the lining apart from where your baby is implanted can come away. I also read about an "odd fibrous clot" with regards to the decidual bleeding, and tried to find references to it in normal menstruation or early pregnancy loss, because yesterday I found what I would now describe as an odd fibrous clot, I wondered at first if it was a bit of tissue that came away. It was sat on the pad so it might have been anything. I also wondered if it might have been a bit of the tampon I wore a little previously.

I just did a test just now to see if the test would show negative. It's one of the cheapy ones, where I couldn't see anything before until it was completely dry. It's not completely dry and I think I can see a faint line still. *sigh*. I wish I knew one way or the other. As my test was yet again inconclusive, I will wait until my bleeding has stopped and test again. Please please let me get a firm answer either way. :(


  1. Oh I'm so sorry sweetie, but it's unlikely you'll know for definite for at least another week. It's not worth testing again really as if this is an early miscarriage the hormones can still remain high.
    Is there anything you can do to distract yourself. it's the weekend tomorrow... maybe take a family day out? xxxxxx

  2. Ugh the waiting game. :( you could use a better test like FRER or go to the doctor's and get a blood test if it will make you feel better??