Monday, 16 April 2012

And the verdict is...

I've just taken another pregnancy test, to give me a firm answer (or was at least hoping it wasn't too soon). The test has come back negative. I've not squinted at it obsessively... I shouldn't have to 4 days after my period was due, right?

My bleeding has all but finished, with only the lightest amount now, so a slightly shorter period, just.

Maybe Becca will be right in that I'll end up with a January baby too. Who knows?

I feel sad that I know baby has definitely gone. But given the bleeding, and the heavy possibility that baby had gone, I feel more at peace with it than I thought I would. I guess it is a bit easier having a very very early miscarriage than one several weeks down the line. I was only excited for one day. I might look into temping for next month - see if I can stick to it, that's the main thing I'm not sure I'd be able to do. How long do you have to have been in bed for before you temp? I have a digital thermometer, but it only goes to one decimal place, is that inadequate?

Thanks for reading x

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  1. Oh hun, I am so sorry. Not been online much this week to comment but I have kept up where I can. Thinking of you and though this time things didn't work out as we all wanted for you, you have two beautiful little boys to help you through your days until baby 3 for you is ready. xxx