Friday, 13 March 2009

Photo entry - staring at things

Good evening girls! First off, Alice, I don't mind at all you offering your advice. The way you put it was fine, and I didn't take offense, although I don't really know how (apart from not deliberately letting him walk on the floor) to stop him from keeping his weight off his legs because he is CONSTANTLY pushing up on them, and as he was doing it by himself, I figured it'd be ok. If you understand!

Anyway, I have managed to get some good photos of Robert's staring at his hands, and also staring at toys (he is so much more into toys now it's lovely!), and putting them into his mouth.

Here's him staring at his hands...

And here's him staring at toys

I even managed to get a photo of him when he was trying to reach and grab a toy from around his arm...

He's getting great at aiming toys and fingers and whatever is in his hands into his mouth.

Note the tongue in this picture!

Here's a photo we took last night, of Robert being very strong :)

And lastly, a couple of my sleeping angel - look at his chubby little arms and legs!!!

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