Monday, 2 March 2009

14 weeks 1 day old - weaning thoughts

Another tough day today, he's been quite grizzly for various reasons, but not wanting to do what he so badly wants to do, if that makes any sense! First time he screamed for ages he was over-tired and would not sleep for ages, and then he was hungry but wouldn't take the breast for ages. He screamed for about 3 hours practically non stop today and not really surprisingly ended up with a bit of a headache. But I did not get angry or rough, just tired and achy.

Yesterday we decided to see how he would take mashed up banana, he absolutely loved it, and scoffed it down! He had half a banana, and then afterwards fell asleep and slept for NINE hours!!! I am wondering if it's time to start weaning him onto some solids. He is being quite sick with my milk, and am wondering if it's because he's so hungry that he eats and eats and eats and then overfills his little tummy with milk which then of course comes back up again. He didn't bring up any of the banana.

I am going to speak to the health visitor about it tomorrow - I'm expecting to see her at the surestart centre, so maybe she can say whether it'll be a good idea, after all he's only 3 months but then somewhere I read that some babies need weaning from 3-4 months.

Anyway here's Robert enjoying his banana last night:

We went over to the in-laws yesterday as well, we arrived there early, and found no-one there, so we drove to tesco and bought a few things to kill the time - some nappies, some more bibs, and this!

He did quite enjoy it for a while but then started to get upset so out he came. He's wearing one half of his new outfit there, we took his top off though because it was quite padded and he was getting too hot. But he did look cute in it!

I took some photos today of Robert in a new outfit - 3-6 months, a pair of dungarees. He looks soooo cute and like such a little boy, especially with his long hair (coming on for 2.5 inches now!)! Can't wait for those to get uploaded. Very very cute little boy I have! I am just relishing every cuddle right now with my little heartbreaker!

The other pairs of dungarees we have for him swamp him a little, which is strange because the pair I put him in today is also 3-6 months and not quite as big on him as the others, although a few of the others are mothercare ones and I have found those to be more generous than other baby clothing brands.

Well I'm going to go now, maybe try and read a chapter of a book and then go to sleep. Will see how things go tomorrow at the surestart centre!

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