Sunday, 8 March 2009

15 weeks old - first overnight stay in Kent

Jonathan and I headed down to Kent this weekend, the first time we've stayed overnight somewhere with Robert. It's such a long trip and with 2 sets of parents to see it's easier to just make a weekend of it and see one parent one day and the other parent the next day. He was unfortunately quite grumpy a lot of the time but he did give his grandparents some coos and smiles. He seemed especially taken with my Dad, who did spend a lot of time pulling silly faces, and talking very animatedly at Robert.

Saturday was spent at my Mum's house, and I was a little apprehensive about the dogs (who can be very boistrous) around Robert. But I was very pleasantly surprised, as they were good as gold around him! Sniffed his socks, and that was about it!

They actually seemed more interested in the hand puppet we have for Robert, and stared intently at it whenever Jonathan got it out - the dogs toys are mainly old cuddly toys left over in the spare room by my cousin who briefly stayed with my Mum. They get somewhat ruined by the dogs, and I suppose they thought the puppet was something else for them!

Robert's gums have given him a lot of trouble today. He was screaming and screaming for a long time, refusing to feed. I eventually managed to get him to have some food just before we sat down for our meal, which settled him for a nap, and allowed me to have a glass of wine. I waited 2 hours for it to be out of my milk before I fed him again, most of which he spent asleep, but some of it was spend awake and fairly happy. He's been chewing on anyone's fingers who'll let them near his mouth. My dad reckons he can feel a tooth near the surface on his top gum but I'm not so sure.

I'm quite looking forward to seeing the photos my dad has taken today, I know there's a nice one of me with Robert. We were planning on trying to get a nice one of me, Jonathan and Robert, and also Dad, Caroline and Robert, but we never got round to it and he was starting to get grizzly so we got him ready to go home.

When we got him home he ate more, and then Jonathan put on the funky overhead projector for Robert to look at, and he seemed SO much more interested in it this time! Jonathan took some video footage of Robert cooing away at the patterns on the ceiling! It was quite cute, and so nice to see my little boy talking so animatedly!

Anyway I'm absolutely pooped, I'm going to grab my book, and head to bed I think.

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