Wednesday, 11 March 2009

15 weeks 4 days old - milestones!

I'm very tired and achy tonight - Robert hasn't slept longer than 4 hours in a stretch for the last ermm... several nights. And only ONE four hour stretch a night. He went down for a nap at around 6pm, and still looked fast asleep at 8pm (I had a nap with him also), and was REFUSING to be woken! I moved him to his cot, which normally wakes him, then I picked him up out of it and held him upright. Finally I put him on the changing mat to change him, and he ended up peeing all over the mat and screaming. Then after I stripped him off, and changed his clothes, he then got fed, and almost went to sleep again! I didn't want him to do his long sleep from 6pm, or we wouldn't get ANY sleep tonight, so fingers crossed!

He also seems to be hitting a few big milestones lately. Firstly, just TODAY, he's started batting at objects (finally! My babycentre emails have been telling me he should be doing that for weeks now!). He is also beginning to stare at his hands occasionally. Finally, he is ALMOST about to roll over. His squirming and wiggling when he is on his back has got to the stage now that we absolutely CANNOT leave him on his changing mat to rush out and get more clothes. He will roll onto his side, then flop back onto his back, and then back onto his side. He is just needing a little bit of extra "ooomph" to get onto his front.

When he is on his front he is starting to push his knees underneath him, but he is not pushing up on his hands yet. I have a feeling that once he does that it won't be long before he's crawling!!

It seems like he's growing up so quickly, and able to do so much! I can walk with him across short distances occasionally, his leg muscles are extremely strong and will stand and even make walking motions with just a bit of support to stop himself falling over (he's putting all the weight on his legs himself).

I can't get over how big he looks next to other babies. He is going to be a big boy!

Anyway dinner is ready (yes a late one lol) so I have to get going. Hope all is well with you fine ladies.

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