Wednesday, 4 March 2009

14 weeks 3 days old - weaning comment replies

Ooooh isn't parenting full of contraversial issues! I would first off like to thank each of you who commented on the weaning subject, even though I didn't really know it would spark those strong feelings! In response to Jemma, everything I've read has said things like "most babies do not need anything other than milk before 6 months old" rather than a solid "babies should never have anything before 6 months" there are always going to be some babies that don't follow the majority, and anyhow, how come all the baby rice in shops say "4+ months" on them? However, having said that, I have been thinking about the implications, and taken the time to read up that Kellymom site you linked, which was very imformative and I will try and persevere.

Robert is clearly getting enough milk from me, which is great, but yes, Alice, I am getting alarmed by the sheer amount he is sicking up after each feed. I don't know if it's because I'm not bringing him off the breast often enough to burp him, or if it's just something I'll have to live with. But you and Jemma will be glad to know that I am going to try and not give him anymore solids for the time being.

The health visitor didn't tell me to not feed him anything til 6 months. She suggested I start with baby rice as that's about as plain and non-allergenic food you can get for them, and then gave me a leaflet on weaning.

Another reason why I'm going to lay off the solids for a while is uhhh... the two very interesting nappies I got from him. I now know the meaning of the phrase "explosive nappy" Haha! Although I was expecting the second, so the moment I saw him straining, I whipped him upstairs, put him on the changing mat, stripped off the bottom half of his clothes and left him with just his nappy on!

Today he has his 3 month immunisations (in about 40 minutes now). And then the health visitor is coming around for my "me" appointment (check how the anti-depressants are working - incidently, things are going great, I can't remember the last time I was actually rough with him at all, although I was beginning to feel a big "arghhh" *bang fists on the sofa* kind of angry one night about a week ago) at around 12pm, and then my in-laws are coming over for the weekly thing we did before their holiday where Betsy would look after Robert while I go out to Tesco with Steve and get our shopping.

I am actually feeling quite poo at the moment, a bit better than yesterday though. But I am secretly cursing Jonathan because he brought home a cold, which he then gave to me, and I'm hoping hoping hoping that Robert doesn't get it too. Last night I was just totally out of it, with headache, bad tickly cough, sore throat, and just felt like sleeping. Which Jonathan had last Thursday.

Anyway I'd best leave off here because I've got to get ready to take my sleepy little monster down to the doctors for his jabs. Thanks for you comments on the photos, I didn't really realise it because when he was in it there he looked so small still but he does look all grown up doesn't he in that door bouncer!!! He's so strong and loves to stand and will hold his head all the time now. It's amazing how time flies and how he's progressing so nicely now despite his tough start.

Hope you all have a fab day!

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