Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Definitely a growth spurt

We finally got Robert to sleep last night. We thought we'd try giving him a bath to see if it helped, but he SCREAMED the whole way through it. Every time I've given him a bath he's laid there looking content, but not this time! It didn't help that Jonathan had filled the bath too much, so as he was thrashing his legs about during his screaming fit he was splashing water EVERYWHERE. I got soaked! He then screamed as I got him in the towel. Finally calming down a little after I held him close and shhhhed in his ear. I decided that then would be a good time for some skin-to-skin - something we've not had as much of as I would like! I think we've now only had 2 skin-to-skin sessions in the whole 7 weeks he's been here. I got his nappy on, then took my top and bra off, and sat up on the bed against the wall and fed him some more.

My milk is definitely catching up to his increased demands. I'm now certain that Robert is entering a growth spurt. He's done nothing but feed really in the last two days. Yesterday it was down to every half hour at times. Soooo challenging :( Today as it's Wednesday, Jonathan's parents are coming over, so his dad can take me to Tesco while his mum looks after Robert, so I decided to try and express some more milk using the pump. Robert had already been feeding quite a lot, but in the end I managed to fill a small bottle with milk for her to give him - almost 5 oz.

This morning I decided to feed Robert in bed, so when I heard him stir for his morning feed, I just picked him up out of the cot, put him down in the middle of the bed and let him latch himself onto my boob - I couldn't see where my nipple and his mouth were so I just let him snuffle his way onto it! I don't know if it's just that position, or the ease of it, or the fact that I'm rested as he's latching, but when he feeds in that position, the last two morning feeds in bed, I have started leaking like CRAZY on the other boob, milk just trickling down my chest and over the boob he's feeding on.

Right now, he's snuggled up in my dressing gown, which is making quite a good make-shift sling!! I've tied one belt around behind his neck, then got another belt from a different dressing gown and tied that tightly under his bottom. And his head is held in place by one of the flaps of the dressing gown. He seems very cozy in there, and fast asleep, and it also means I get two hands! But unfortunately it'll be a bit hot for me to use if I get dressed.

He's now just let off a couple of huge burps and now is headbutting my chest, rooting away. Doh!

Anyway, thought I'd try and post a semi-happy entry after what's been a couple of tough days (and is likely to be a couple more tough days, depending on how long this growth spurt lasts for). Hope you're all well. x

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