Sunday, 11 January 2009

7 weeks old - smiles! Bethany's visit.

Ah, yesterday was lovely, seeing Bethany, swapping stories and anecdotes! I'm really looking forward to spending more time with them! I got to hold her too and oh my gosh she was so tiiiny compared to Robert! So light! Apparently she's now 8lb something (at 5 weeks old), which is lighter than Robert ever was, and Robert is now probably 12lb something at 7 weeks old. I just looked at her and thought "Jeez, wish Robert was that size at birth!"

Here's a photo of them side by side for comparison. Look at her tiny head! Maybe if he'd been her size I might not have torn! ;)

One of Paul and Jonathan's friends was invited over, but apparently the Rugby was on and he wanted to watch it. Which might have been an excuse, apparently when he saw Bethany with Paul it suddenly hit him how all his friends were growing up and he was still a kid (30, living with his parents, no girlfriend etc), so seeing BOTH of his friends with kids might have been too much for him! Plus a lot of the talk was about babies.

Robert has been smiling SO. MUCH these last couple of days. I can't believe how much he's suddenly become such a smiler! However they don't last huge amounts of time so usually by the time we get the camera, he's stopped! Or at least not smiling as widely. We got a few smiles captured, but not huuuuuuuge ones, where his entire gums are on show and his little eyes sparkle.

But here they are anyway..

On his playmat, which he loves! He spends lots of time looking at the animals and making soft sounds at them.

Robert's stopped hating nappy changes so much now, of course it helps to change him when he's just been fed so he's nicely satisfied! Otherwise I'm sure the poor neighbours would get an earful every time we change him as the nappy change station is right up against the wall of their bedroom.

But he's not a bad baby really, crying wise. He cries when he's hungry, cries when he's being burped sometimes, and when he's over-tired. Oh, and when he sticks his fingers in his eyes and hurts himself! Sometimes when he's being changed because he needs a wee and it's almost like he doesn't want to, but then when he wees all over whoever he's changing he cheers up! ;)

Feeding is going well still... it's getting more and more rewarding, especially when this happens....

Of course that's a watered down smile as it took Jonathan about 30 seconds to get the camera, but it was a really big grin I assure you!

I love my little boy so much. :)

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