Sunday, 18 January 2009

8 weeks old - photo entry!

Today I'm going to post all the photos I promised on Friday, including some other ones we took yesterday afternoon.

On Thursday I think it was, when I propped Robert up on the sofa to see what he did, I got quite a few come out nicely. I did want a couple of photos of him crying for prosperity because his little face is quite cute in a way, when I'm not stressed and frazzled.

He kept bursting into tears whenever he lost his hand to suck, which was kinda funny in a way. He really is sucking his hand, or thumb, or fingers a lot more, which is making me think he's becoming more aware of them. Possibly anyway, it could just be a co-incidence that his hand goes up near his mouth and he instantly starts to suck on it.

At one point he was screaming and sticking his tongue out at the same time, which made for quite a funny picture! (One that, at his 18th birthday party or stag night, he might find migrating into the hands of his girlfriend/wife-to-be/plastered all over a board somewhere!)

He also did look quite happy for a very short while in them, or at least content! Before he realised why he was screaming in the first place!

Next up came the paparazzi style photography session on the bed where he was flashing me lots of heartbreakingly beautiful grins, and talking to me.

I love the photos where Robert is just looking content and gorgeous like the last one. But the grinny ones are lovely too!

Jonathan then took some later that afternoon on the bed, same clothes, but different angle ;) His eyes look HUGE in these pictures.

Anyway, onto photos we took yesterday. We went out to Jonathan's sister, who lives about an hour and a half's drive away, we thought we'd see how he did with a longer journey, and made sure he was full before heading out and he slept the whole journey. Jonathan thought this would make an interesting photo, and I think he was right:

When we got there, we had some tea, got the grand tour of their quaint and cozy cottage, and then went out for a walk, where Jonathan carried Robert in the sling this time. We got back, and Naomi took him out of his snowsuit and had a cuddle, where he remained fast asleep for a while!

Then we got out his books for them to read him, and he seemed to really LOVE looking at the pictures! First up was The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

I love the way he's really staring at that butterfly! Then Ben read him The Tiger Who Came To Tea. It was quite funny as he kept making interjections into the story, such as "It wasn't the boy from the grocer, as he was from 1950!" and "It wasn't Daddy, because Daddy ran out on Sophie's Mummy while she was pregnant!" and stuff like that. The Tiger Who Came To Tea was more for Ben's benefit, he'd not heard the story before and he wanted to know why a tiger would come to tea ;)

After we left Naomi and Ben's, we stopped back via Jonathan's parents (who were also with us at Naomi's) for some dinner - we hadn't had any lunch and were starving by 6 oclock when we left! So we had a burger each and large chips between us from the chippie which I absolutely WOLFED down! Heh. But we took a few more photos while we were there. In fact, it was me who took all of these. I passed him over to Betsy to get a burp (and a bit of a cuddle), and got these photos. I love the shocked expressions he gets on his face, it's so cute especially with his hair!

Then, just about the most gorgeous photos ever (especially the last one!). I think he looks so grown up and absolutely breathtakingly stunningly beautiful here.

I've cropped that last photo and put it as my desktop background on my computer I think it is so so so gorgeous! That has got to be my favourite picture of Robert so far ever! And we've taken so many gorgeous ones! I could stare at it forever. :) I am soo so so lucky to have such a lovely wonderful son. :)

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