Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Well my tests came through the letterbox this morning (3 days earlier than I thought), took a test and....... not pregnant! (Although I did spend ages staring and staring for a faint line like I got with Robert, I couldn't see one)

Still got 24 cheap ones and 2 digital ones though I might leave it a week and if I'm still getting symptoms (lol) I'll take another cheap one. But as I suspected in my heart and mind I'm not pregnant. I still don't have my period despite Robert being nightweaned for a week and a half now. I am actually thinking semi-seriously about cutting out Robert's bedtime feed and replacing it with a bottle of breast milk from my freezer stash ;) Should have enough of that to last a week or so, which should bring about my period shouldn't it? A break of breastfeeding between 3-4pm til 6am?

Ok I am beginning to sound more desperate aren't I? Talking of trying to induce my period LOL. But I'm not, really! I really don't mind when I get pregnant, but I can't help but be excited about being pregnant again! Whenever it happens I will be OVER the moon! But in the meantime I get a bit more time to lose weight :) I'm at 14 stone exactly currently, which is pretty much where I've been for the last 2 months. Shame my target isn't 14 stone huh?! Still, I'm half a BMI into overweight now and have been for a couple of weeks so I'm happy. And hopefully I will soon be down another BMI or two. (1 BMI for me is 7 lbs so 2 BMI is another stone loss) I've so nearly almost lost 2 stone this year, which isn't great for 7 months but it's certainly better than a kick in the teeth!


  1. aaaawww.. here I was waiting for u to say that ur pregnant again.. guess I just have to wait ;)

    Ur doing a GREAT job with ur weight loss, a lot better then me (and I havent even had a baby!), I don't seem to loose anything. Think I must see the doc and find out if somethings wrong somewhere :s

  2. You're lucky. I had periods with Alfie 6 weeks after giving birth every 2 weeks, and they only stopped when I went on the minipill about 2 months later! But I am jealous that you're trying again. If Mark and I won the lottery, it's SO what we'd be doing! And hun, I've only lost 2st since I've had Alfie too -- and I've got a wedding dress to get into in December -- argh!!x