Friday, 7 August 2009

New virtual home!

Welcome to my new virtual home! I finally got around to moving the rest of my diaryland entries over, and then decided to fiddle with the layout a bit to make the preset one more customised (which took me almost as long as copying the entries! Haha!), but it's good, I'm happy with it for now! One thing I am a little sad about is not having the comments from my haloscan associated with each entry anymore. I really like looking back and seeing what people have written about various entries, especially the ones from a couple of days before Robert was born and all the ones while I was in hospital.

Onto more relevant news... we are going to try in earnest to clear up the spare room, to get Robert in for next Friday. Jonathan has the week off starting the 17th, so we figure we'll use it to start off Robert in his own room, incase we get lots of sleepless nights in the transition and then we can both nap when he naps during the day. Also, we will be attempting to night wean him gradually, as I don't think we will fancy trapsing in and out of our room several times a night to get him for a feed. Which may well bring about my period! (Damn.... ;) Ah well!)

I really don't mind when we get pregnant again. We are both happy with now if it happens that way, but I think a 2 year age gap is even better, we shall just wait and see though when it happens! It would be nice to not have kids in the same month or within the same month if possible. I do wonder when I would like a baby in the year, obviously it'd be nicer not to be heavily pregnant during times when there's a likely heatwave... But then beggars can't be choosers ;) If I was to fall pregnant now (or already am pregnant - who knows!!! We've had the S word twice since we decided to stop using condoms!), then the baby would be a May baby probably... so possibly it taking a few months would bring us bang into summer 2010!

I told Sarah that we were "not preventing" on Wednesday, we went for a walk to a local estate's playground with baby swings etc there (the one at the top of the road has had all the swings cut off :( so we've had to find other options!), and anyway she's very broody again and has been saying to me about the fact she wants another baby, and they will be trying within a few months. So we said we'd have a competition! Hehe! Although she has an advantage in that she has her periods ;)

Right, well here's what happens if we don't guard the stairs anymore...

And with that I'll end my first blogger entry!

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  1. Hope u got ur gate sorted or u'll be in a lot of trouble :p
    Good luck with the night-weaning and moving Robert to his own room!! :)