Monday, 3 August 2009

8 months 2 weeks old - sleep, BLW, stairs etc!

I feel so sleep deprived lately it's unreal... We have been implementing a few ideas from the no-cry sleep solution but I need to look through properly and write out an actual sleep plan because it's just getting so exhausting. Also, we are going to be moving Robert into his own room soon. We have got rid of the two big chairs that were cluttering up part of our spare room now we just need to pull our fingers out and clear the rest, then we can dismantle Robert's cot, (it won't fit through the door) and reassemble it in his new room. It is not decorated as such right now, in fact we have not done a spot of decorating to the place since we moved in last March! But I am looking forward to a night's uninterrupted sleep which I know we will get eventually! But with that will come engorged boobs again which I am not looking forward to, although Robert is now eating 3 big meals a day, plus the occasional snack during the day of some fruit or a breadstick. So his milk intake is significantly less now, and he must take most of it during the night. So before he is night weaned we will have to try and get into the habit of making him take more milk during the day (he usually only gets some milk after a meal (and not a lot then because he is full) and then before his naps. Oh, and first thing in the morning when we're trying to coax him back to sleep until 6.30 or 7am but he's having none of it then! Sleep that is, he has plenty of milk then, as he'll spot my nipple, and lunge at it, and then come off and clamber on us some more, turn around, spot it and lunge again lol! But anyway I think it'll take a very concerted effort to get him to have more daytime milk so he doesn't want it as much in the middle of the night.

His meals and the whole baby led weaning is going great. The boy LOVES his food. When my Mum babysat him for my birthday she gave him one thin soldier of toast, and a small square of bread with some jam on. When we came back, and he ate a whole banana, she was surprised as she didn't realise he ate that much! He will manage a whole slice of toast for breakfast usually, cut into soldiers, although we now butter it as we think he was getting bored of plain toast. He loves cheese, bread, tomatoes, banana, nectarines, satsumas, and ice cream lol! Although we are of course careful to make sure he doesn't eat much food with unnatural sugar in.

He is now also climbing the stairs, from bottom to top! So yesterday we went and bought a stairgate which was small enough to fit, and we got a y shaped spindle so it could go around the banister. Unfortunately due to our stair type, we have had to put it on the second step instead of the first, as the first step does not have the banister next to it!

Anyway here is my baby boy's new haircut which he had done on Thursday morning...

My little bruiser! So grown up! He is getting bigger and bigger every day, in the sense of what he can do, his mannerisms and such.

Anyway a little video clip to round up the entry... Robert playing with a tag. He does this most time he finds a tag to play with, it's quite funny! We can always tell if he's playing with a tag in another room!

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