Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A little surprise

Hmm.. Well I wanted to leave this a surprise, but I'm terrible at keeping secrets!

Basically, Jonathan and I have decided to stop using condoms, and while we're not strictly TTC (I don't even have my period back yet) we're not preventing... and I'm pretty excited about it! I know I kept saying I wanted to lose the weight first, but I dunno, there may be a good few months yet before I am able to conceive, plus I might speak to people about losing weight while pregnant. I would of course do nothing that would harm the baby, which is why I would talk to my health visitor, or midwife beforehand!

IF I was to conceive straight away (which is soooo unlikely), there would be a 18/19 month age gap between Robert and his little brother/sister. But knowing it's unlikely to happen straight away, therefore likely to have a larger age gap than that is lovely too.

So yeah there you go :) I was thinking about surprising you all with a completely out of the blue pregnancy announcement, but couldn't resist saying something!


  1. Ooooooh EXCITING!!!! I have to say a 18/19 month gap is lovely... but also tough. Any gap has it's advantages/disadvantages I reckon.
    My friend dieted through pregnancy (weight watchers do a special pregnancy version) and baby was fine. She had the added bonusof weighing less after the birth than before she got pregnant ;)
    Good luck with it all. I hope it all happens perfectly for you :)

  2. You are a trooper for copying and pasting all the entries here! I did it too, but just saved them into word documents, not on blogger. :)