Monday, 17 August 2009

Poorly eye :(

Yesterday we had our first medical worry with Robert since he was born. Well apart from colds, but they're commonplace really. But pretty good considering he's nearly 9 months old.

We noticed when he woke up at 6am on Sunday morning that his left eye was quite red and a little swollen. At first we just assumed that maybe it was just from tiredness, or something like that, but kept an eye on it to make sure. By lunchtime it was still no better at all, and we discussed going to the doctor about it, since it was a Sunday. But although Robert didn't seem too bothered by it, it did look really sore so in the end I did decide to ring up NHS Direct about it, and a few hours later I got a call back from a nurse who after talking to me about it decided that it was probably a good idea to get him seen to that day, so she booked him an appointment at the local hospital out of hours clinic.

It turns out that my little baby has an infection in his lower eyelid, which the doctor said wasn't a stye. But he gave us some oral antibiotics to give him so we've gave him some when we got home and then again when he woke around 10.30pm. By morning it looked like it had got worse, and stayed very red and inflamed looking most of the day, so we called the doctors and we got him another appointment. Strangely between booking the appointment and when the appointment was for, it seemed to suddenly get a bit better. The swelling came down a bit, and the redness receded but it's still got the infection there you can tell. The doctor who saw him today said it was a stye (!) as there was a lump on the inside of the eyelid (Robert did not like this at all!!), and said that it was evident that it HAD got better (we took along a photo of how it looked yesterday) so the antibiotics were obviously doing their job. But gave us a different sort that we have to give alongside the first, which evidently makes him sick if he doesn't have an empty stomach as we found out earlier this evening... But we are hoping it will clear up soon, as it does look so sore.

Last night we had a mini-breakthrough with the sleeping issues. Although we still didn't get a huge amount of sleep, we did get slightly more than the night before, but also that I remember (!!!) Robert went the whole night from 8pm-ish til 6.30am-ish without breast feeding. I am so looking forward to properly nightweaning completely, although it was lovely snuggling down with my baby boy in the dark of night, it has got to the stage where I just need my sleep so badly I am willing to fore-go this snuggly time in order to function well the next day! I just can't wait til he sleeps from 7-7 or even better 8-8 and we can feel like we're on top of the world! So far tonight he has been sleeping since around 7.30pm. I will breastfeed him when he does wake up, since he hasn't actually had anything since 6pm due to the antibiotics.

Ok, well he woke up as soon as I typed that sentence, so I fed him and he's back to sleep. Hopefully I will be able to get away without feeding him again til morning now. I might well prepare the antibiotics in the syringes so we can give them to him when he wakes up in the morning.

Before I sign off I shall leave you with a few new photos.

Obviously before the eye infection!

Breast feeding going strong at almost 9 months old :)

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