Thursday, 20 August 2009

Week of antibiotics, sleeping through (!!!!!)

Well Robert's eye is getting better. On Monday morning it was so puffy and red, poor love looked like he's been in a boxing ring for a couple of rounds! Now though it's not red, but there's a scabby bit which I'm assuming is meaning it's healing!

You can see it there, but as you can tell he's still his happy smiley self, grinning away. :)

Yesterday was messy play at the surestart centre, and as Jonathan is off work, we both went along to it. So Jonathan brought his camera as we were both around it was easier to take photos. One of the ladies who works there, Julie, came up to us and said as we've been coming along since Robert was 5 weeks old, she would like to use photos of Robert at the surestart centre to show people at the open day for their 1st birthday on how surestart can help even young babies in their development, so she asked for photos of the messy play session we did yesterday that Jonathan took, and also any others we might have had lying around (I had a few on my phone I took at other sessions). We did get some lovely photos, especially since this session was outside in the adjoining nursery garden, so lots of lovely natural sunlight. As it was a hot day, there was plenty of water play, and there was a big sand pit, along with other things like paint, sawdust soil and water to mix, and a big tray filled with soil, and vegetables, plastic pots, and toy trowels, gardening gloves etc.

This was the water and balls in the paddling pool. The nursery has a HUGE shaded section which is fab, and they'd put the water there. There was also a big sandpit and some climbing frames off in the unshaded bit, and a bit of grass.

The sandpit was quite large, and Robert enjoyed his time in there although he did seem more interested in the toys they'd put in there rather than the sand!

More water play. Robert does this in the bath too, tries to grab the water as it is falling down in front of him :)

When we put him in the soil tray, he didn't really like it, he cried straight away, and only really stopped crying when we gave him a carrot to hold! Then he went crawling away at the first opportunity!

My clever little Sausage realised that it was much more comfortable to walk along on all fours rather than crawling traditionally on the hard ground. :)

Drinky time :)

It was a lovely session and we got some fab photos!

Anyway, whether it's due to the antibiotics, or simply because things have clicked, Robert is now sleeping through!!!! I cannot express how good this is and how pleased we are to have a decent night's sleep! He has been nightweaned too! Not had any milk from when he goes to bed til around 6am the next day! I am sooo hoping that Robert continues like this after we finish his antibiotic course, as I am worried it will go back to the hourly wakings!

This morning Jonathan and I got a lie in til about 8am ish - when we went into Robert's room we found out why.... he'd taken off his nappy and smeared the contents all over his cot, and all over himself... *sigh* (if you want to see the photo, click here. Jonathan thought it'd be a good idea to take it LOL and since it's there I couldn't help but share but didn't want to force you to look at it!)

Right, lastly.... I am going to try and get some cheap pregnancy tests soon. We have been doing the deed regularly since we decided to start again, and since we have now nightweaned Robert it's entirely likely my periods may return or at least that I will ovulate, so I may get pregnant soon or be pregnant already (!!!). I do keep feeling odd feelings down there, but I think most of it must be in my head, but it can't hurt to have some cheapy tests available just to check! I'm still really not bothered when it happens. I know it WILL happen sooner or later, and whenever it does I will be happy!


  1. It's such good news that Robert's eye is getting better and I am so happy for you that he is sleeping so well at night now. And I love those photos. The surestart centre and the messy play is such a great idea, I know that Sophie would love it!

    And how exciting even thinking about getting pregnancy tests!!

  2. glad to hear his eye is clearing up :) Hope his sleep stays regular for you!!!

  3. Oh that poo thing! Icky! We've got Peabody in a sleep sack (grobag?) to avoid such things - maybe try that if he keeps doing that.

    Those pictures were so GREAT. You two are fabulous photographers. My pictures never turn out half that well. And I'm so glad about the sleep and that Robert's eye's healing up well.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Soooooo.... got those tests yet??? :p