Monday, 29 June 2009

A letter to Robert, 7 months old

Dear Robert,

You are just over 7 months old now, and words simply cannot describe how proud Mummy and Daddy are of you! You are our sunshine, our reason for getting up each day with huge smiles on our faces!

You are such a cheeky, funny, mischeivous little boy! It is so lovely to see you learn new things, and especially lovely to see how much you love us! A few days ago you were playing on the floor downstairs when Daddy got home. As soon as you saw him, you beamed all over your face, and started crawling towards him as fast as you could!

There is never a day that goes by when I don't think how lucky we are to be your Mummy and Daddy. And that you are okay! Every now and then I think back to when you were born, how worried we were first of all that you might go to heaven too soon, and then that maybe you might be too poorly and find things difficult to do. But each day you do something new, and each day my worries slip furthur away! You are already crawling beautifully, and you get so excited that you can now chase after things!

Hazel our pussy cat has always been a little scared of you with your funny noises and the way you wave your arms, and now you can crawl after her you do, and she gets very frightened and tries to hide from you! This morning she ran away and hid under the table, but you spotted her and crawled after her, and then got stuck when she ran away from you again!

You probably think your Mummy and Daddy are very silly, as we keep singing in funny voices, bouncing you up and down, eating your belly and neck while making silly noises, but we only do it because we know it makes you laugh! And we love the sound of you laughing so much so we try and hear it as much as we can!

You are such an incredible joy to us, Robert. We have cherished you from the moment you were conceived and we love you so very much. (And one day, when you have a baby of your own, you will understand just how much!)

All of our love and kisses and giant bear hugs,

Mummy and Daddy xxxx

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