Saturday, 27 June 2009

7 months old - milestones GALLORE!

Wowowowow! What a week of milestones! (Just as Alice predicted!!)

First the belly crawling, then pulling himself up onto his knees (in the bath! Naughty boy lol! And then with his toy box..)

He's been doing really tall pushups like this as well, getting those legs nice and strong!

And he can also sit himself up from laying on his back!! I'd noticed one day putting him in his cot on his back, went out to do something quickly, and came back in to see him sat up! And Jonathan found out one morning at 4am or so when he went groping around for him in his cot to pick him up and give him to me to feed and ended up hitting him in the face!

He likes peering out of the cot bars, sometimes with his legs poking out as well :)

And when his cot bars are down, he likes grabbing the top of them and doing this...


He has also started taking his first proper crawls as well! But if it's too far away that he's trying to get to, he will flop down after a while and pull himself along on his belly again.

He has pulled himself to standing on the little box we take away with us with his nappies, wipes, vests, bibs etc in as well! Can't believe how grown up he has become all of a sudden!

He's also cutting at least 3 more teeth simultaneously. We can see the top two middle teeth and the one next to the newest cut bottom tooth just under the surface of the gum!

Something I've been meaning to write about for absolutely AGES - maybe a month or more? Is Robert's fascination with the labels on his toys. He LOVES the labels on toys or his clothes, but the ones on his clothes are usually where he can't see them! ;) If he spots one, he'll instantly be all quiet, except for these soft "ahhhhh ahhhhh" sounds while he reaches out carefully and tries to grip it in his finger and thumb. Once he manages to get it, he'll then drag it to his mouth, accompanied by the same "aaaaahh" sounds and just spend ages studying it, twiddling it, and trying to get it in his mouth! But then he does the same thing with my nipple as well! Funny boy! I got a photo of him doing the former (labels not nipples lol!!!) finally yesterday...

It's not the best photo because he was a bit squirmy, but it's good enough for the purposes!

Anyway, I want to leave off this entry with a few photos not capturing specific things but just lovely photos of my gorgeous little boy!

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