Monday, 22 June 2009

7 months old - weekend away

Well after a jam packed weekend I have a monster update to do and looooads of photos! But also thank you for the comments on the video!

We went to see my Mum first, she's moved to a new house (she'd been at the old one since before I was 11 (I moved in with her when I was 11 and she was already at this house) and she was desperate for a bungalow! It's bigger but more compact than the old house, if that makes any sense!! The old one was a mid-terrace victorian house with two bedrooms and a long extension at the back which housed a long thin kitchen with a bathroom behind it. It has a bigger garden for their dogs (finally some animals that don't run away from Robert! hehe!) and a huge triple (!) garage and a big driveway.

Once we'd had the grand tour of the bungalow, the first thing Dave (her partner) did was to shove a choccy biscuit onto Robert lol! He loved it but boy did he make a mess! Jonathan had to change his shirt! ;)

He also demolished a quarter of a ham, cheese and pickle sandwich! And then tried a cracker.

He is such a piggy lol!

Robert is soooo fascinated by animals now. He loves Hazel and tries to reach out for her and gets all excited and flappy whenever he sees her, but she's so frightened and runs away whenever she sees him! But my Mum's dogs (Lady and Tramp lol) are very good with kids! Here is Robert with Lady, she was getting a little annoyed by him grabbing her leg and with his excited panting noises so she had a little growl and then took sanctuary behind Jonathan's leg!

We ordered a chinese takeaway for dinner, and Robert tried practically everything that was on offer including beef curry, a prawn from Dave's rice, some noodles, some pepper, pineapple and prawn crackers. After his bath, which he LOVED (!!!) and didn't even cry when water went over his face, he went to bed and we watched Mamma Mia. It was a lovely day with Mum and she was so besotted with him, especially when he kept doing these screwed-up-face-grins.. (the photo was actually taken at my dad's but is the only one like it we've got)

Anyway we headed over to Dad's for about 9am on Sunday. The weather had brightened up a bit which was good because we had a barbecue!

Robert enjoyed looking out of the French doors at my dad by the bbq

His smiles are so infectious! All his grandparents who saw him this weekend just adored him! He's a right little poser and he is such a happy baby. Sure he gets his grumpy moments, which seem to sometimes outweigh the smiley times, but one day I actually decided to make a mental note of how much he smiled and how often he was grumpy, and he was happy and all smiles for a hugely greater time!

He loves meal times, enjoying making a mess and smearing the food everywhere, but also enjoys trying new things!

Here he is waiting for his dinner lol

Potato, chicken, salad, coleslaw all went down well, but the big hit (with us as well as him!) was the pineapple dessert my dad cooked us! Roasted with a sugar and butter glaze, it was melt in the mouth delicious! And Robert liked it too so much he kept pulling my hand towards him to get more!

Oh and look! Second little toothy clearly visible now! :)

Can't believe my little monster is 7 months old tomorrow! My gorgeous little man :) I do love him so!

He is getting so active now, I really am going to have zero time to do ANYTHING around the house anymore! He is pulling himself up on things now, the toy box is his favourite, but he's also done it in the bath! Maybe he will be a 7-8 month cruiser after all! Eeeep! We only have one gate still and that's in the hallway/lounge doorway, I still need ones at the top and bottom of the stairs, and something (not sure what!) infront of the cat litter tray and the french doors. Anyway I think I hear Robert stirring from his nap now (I decided to write this instead of washing up/unpacking lol) so I'd better go!

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