Friday, 10 April 2009

Photos, controlled crying, easter weekend

Jonathan and I are trying a sleeping strategy with Robert as he's been waking several times during the night and wanting milk to settle again. This is partly our fault because we've got him into this habit! Anyway we're trying the controlled crying method. Which is a little difficult for in the middle of the night as he's in the same room as us, but we just leave him to cry for a while before getting up.

Anyway we had a go last night, we put him down to bed awake (usually he falls asleep at the breast), read him a story, and then said goodnight and left the room. He was alright for a while but then started to cry, so after a few minutes went back in, settled him without lifting him from his cot, and left the room again. And he fell asleep!

He woke several times in the night as usual, we settled him back using the controlled crying method for the 1st, 3rd and any subsequent wakings! The 2nd time he woke I fed him briefly and then put him back to bed while he was awake but sleepy.

In the morning Robert was in his cot, and we were in bed a little tired but otherwise I think it was a very successful first night's attempt! The only thing is that I really missed having him wake up snuggled up next to me! I guess I can't have everything but sometimes it would be nice to have my cake and eat it too!

Yesterday, of the several hundred photos I took, Jonathan narrowed it down to 19 (a lot of them were duplicates I took to make sure I got some sharp ones and good expressions)

I dressed him up in an outfit his Nanna (my mum) got him, which he doesn't wear very often as it's a very padded one and he can get quite hot, but as it was fairly cool yesterday he was alright. And he did look rather cute, so got lots of photos!

My little boy is SUCH a poser! Lol! He now grins at the camera as it's clicking away rather than just grinning at something we're doing and getting it on camera!

Here's some great expressions I managed to get from him - I think they're too cute!

That last one is absolutely priceless! I love the look on his face there!

Little hand and little foot:

And finally here's some of him and his teddy.

Tomorrow Jonathan, Robert and I will be heading to Kent again to spend Easter with my family. Saturday will be spent with my Mum, and she's planning on getting 7 of us (her and Dave, me and Jonathan, Stephen and Nicky, and my Nan) plus Robert and Ewan out to lunch somewhere - this will be Robert's first time in a restaurant so I hope he behaves himself! I will probably bring some expressed milk with us for the restaurant so it's easier to feed him if he gets hungry while we're there. I'm sure where-ever we eat they won't mind warming it up a little for him.

Sunday will be spent at my Dad's as he has an Easter party thing going on then. Then on Monday we will be going to see one of my old school friends who's still in Kent! It was hopefully going to be 2 of my old school friends, one of whom has 2 little girls, one Ewan's age, and one a bit older. But she's busy this bank holiday weekend, unfortunately! The one who I will be seeing though is engaged I think - or perhaps just in a serious relationship with someone she met several years ago. But I'm looking forward to it, I've not really seen her since 1999!

Anyway I might not be updating again until Monday, so I hope you all have a fab Easter weekend!

Oh and here's a little video...

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