Thursday, 9 April 2009

19.5 weeks old - a real personality developing!

As Robert gets older, it's lovely to see not only his developments (milestones, new abilities) but also to see his personality emerging more and more. When he was smaller, I felt like a bit of a bad mother, truth be known, not because of my PND, but because I felt like I didn't really know my baby. I couldn't really say what he liked or disliked. Now he's older, and able to do more things, he is able to show his likes and dislikes more, which I love, because it means it's easier to get to know this little person who's now a part of our family!

He has favourite toys, favourite things to do, and so on! Something that will sometimes calm him if he's beginning to get a bit grumpy is singing to him. He loves to listen to us sing to him! He will often stop dead in his tracks (of stepping if he's in his door bouncer, or crying if he's getting grumpy) and just stare at us and listen. He loves "Down in the Jungle", "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed", "row row row your boat" complete with actions, and just generally any other nursery rhymes!

He loves being tickled, and when he's in a giggly mood he will just chuckle and chuckle at being tickled, and sometimes funny voices and sounds. He also LOVES "walking". Something I do with him quite a lot is lay down on my back, and lift him above me, and he'll "walk" up my body with a HUGE smile on his face :) He also loves his door bouncer and is becoming more and more energetic in there! It's also good because I can put him there, and it'll entertain him for quite a long time leaving me to write diary entries, or have a cuppa, or something! (He's in the door bouncer now hehe, I just sang "If you're happy and you know it stamp your feet", he stopped, turned his head round to look at me and gave me a little grin)

Baths and hair washes he tolerates - he doesn't really enjoy them per-se, but he's always content enough to just lay there and put up with it!

His favourite toy is this singing teddy. It reckons 6 months to 2 years, but he loves listening to the songs when you press the stars on its nose, paws, and tummy. And it's very cuddly too! I took some photos of him with it today, I really am going to have to get Jonathan to show me how to get them off his camera and uploaded to his website so I can do it instead of having to bug him to!

I have acted a little bit like crazy paparazzi mummy today - taken several hundred photos! Jonathan's camera has a quick shot setting, where it takes a photo every half second or so while you're holding down the button, which makes getting at least one sharp image and good expression easy!

I took a few nice ones yesterday as well, my little boy is so photogenic!

I'm trying to dry his hair flat these days so that it doesn't get in his eyes as much! Noooo cutting my baby's hair... He's tooooo young! It feels like I'll be cutting off a bit of his baby-ness if I cut his hair already! Chopping off some of the hair he was born with... I can't dooo it!

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