Saturday, 4 May 2013


Well... My due date came and went. I was kind of surprised as Robert was a due date baby, and we will never know when Christopher was "meant" to be born as he was induced at 38+2. He was 2 weeks old at this point!

I am feeling very achy, my back aches during the day now (I'm doing the typical pregnant woman waddle while pushing my hands into my lower back), and despite finally getting my smallish V cushion out of the loft, I am still in agony in the night with my hips.

I had my 40 week antenatal appointment at home on Thursday. As usual, wee and blood pressure was fine, baby measured smaller than the previous week (haha) but then it was a different midwife, and she measured my bump off to one side (!?) rather than the middle, plus baby was apparently 3/5s engaged this time.

Since then, I have been labour symptom spotting, and getting quite cross with myself about it, as I know it's only making me more impatient! I am sitting down after a long day's trudging about Wicksteed Park, thinking perhaps I might be getting some very mild period type pains which could be the beginning, and wondering if, maybe, we might have a Bank Holiday Weekend baby! Time will tell of course and I do hope it is the case, I am so eager to meet him, and introduce him to all of you!


  1. Can't wait to meet him too, and yes, a Bank Holiday Weekend baby sounds both lovely and very probable! :) Hope you get some good rest tonight, and those periody pains get useful AFTER some rest! ;)

  2. Can't wait to meet him and hear all about it!! Sending you labour vibes!