Saturday, 31 March 2012


Now I don't know for sure when/if I did actually ovulate. By my average cycle length, it's calculated that it would have been around 29th March. And I did get a huge amount of CM the day before. The last few days I've had quite a bit too, but I've also been dog tired. Almost preg-tired. As in, getting to bed at 10.30, sleeping ALL the way through til 7 when the kids wake and jump on me for milk, and still tired. Then even after I've woken up a bit, at 9.30-10am, still feeling tired and eyes-achy feeling. Then again late afternoon. I'm sitting here now thinking I could quite happily go to bed!! I'd probably be asleep before the kids (who I heard roaring and saying "tickle tickle tickle" to each other just a couple of minutes ago - goodness knows what/who was being tickled!! I didn't hear Robert get out of bed!).

Part of me is thinking I should make sure we "do it" just incase ovulation hasn't happened yet, part of me thinks we shouldn't, or shouldn't worry about it is more accurate.

Ohhhh the two week wait is horrendous. And here was me really not wanting to be worrying about the two week wait again. Here I am!

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