Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Catch up post!

Wow, it's been TWO weeks since I last posted! Such a long time! Part of what frustrates me is that I want to write a post about a trip or a day and the photos aren't ready for it yet, so I end up post-poning, and then forgetting about it!

Here's a post about our trip up to see our new niece Amelia, and of course Ewan, and their lovely parents, my big brother Stephen and his wife Nicky.

The journey up to see them is about 3 hours from us, including a break. Robert was in pants by this stage, finally, and he went to the toilet before we left, again at the service station, and then when we got there. The boys were so good in the car! Christopher slept most of the journey, and Robert seems content a lot of the time to just gaze out of the window watching the world whizz by. The evening before, we managed to coax Robert up to bed very easily, as he was SO excited to go and see his big cousin Ewan. The two cousins are almost one year apart. Their birthdays are just five days apart! They just adore playing together, and I know they will be such good friends when they are older, even more so than they are now! Ewan took charge fairly quickly, telling us to put our shoes in the porch so the floor didn't get slippy, and the two boys enjoyed spending a lot of time up in Ewan's room! We arrived around lunch time, so the boys sat down almost straight away for some lunch.

While the boys were eating lunch, I got cuddles with the precious Amelia

She was a couple of months old when we went, which amazes me as she was still SO tiny! You forget how they stay small for longer than you think!

Christopher was fascinated with Amelia, but Robert didn't pay her much attention, as he was having SO much fun with Ewan!

All three boys got to play in the garden for a while before we headed out to dinner at a restaurant.

Two cousins eating some flapjack shortly before heading out to the restaurant!

The next day we went back to Stephen and Nicky's. Stephen had to go to work but he was still there when we arrived which was good to see him again. We decided to head off to the aquarium that day and have some lunch there, before heading home.

The boys really enjoyed the aquarium. Christopher especially was transfixed with the fish, especially when we went through the tunnel!

At one point we saw some divers go in, and at first I thought they were children as they looked so small! But then I realised it must have been the thickness of the glass and the water refracting, when we realised that, we then thought wow, how big must those sharks really have been?!

Amelia slept through most of the aquarium visit. She woke up around lunch time to have some milk. I was saddened at the weekend to discover that again, Nicky has had trouble breastfeeding, and so was supplementing heavily with formula. I know how badly she wanted to breastfeed and that although she told me she had a lot of support with lactation consultants, etc it just wasn't working out. It seems a shame that some women who decide they don't want to breastfeed have a plentiful supply and struggle with engorgement and have a lot of pain until their milk dries up, and other people like Nicky have supply issues and struggle to breastfeed because of it, even though they really want to. It just seems really unfair to me :( It makes me feel so lucky that I've been able to breastfeed easily enough, but my heart breaks for Nicky all the same :( Anyway, Amelia is such a precious little darling, and apparently is such a settled baby and very undemanding compared to her big brother! ;)

Just so so gorgeous :)

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  1. Love the photo post! Your new niece is so adorable! Did it leave you pining for another wee one?? :) love your boys, they're so handsome!!