Saturday, 4 February 2012

Conflicting feelings

Ok. In my heart of hearts I really do not think I can be pregnant. Really. I just really think I ovulated BEFORE any baby making went on. But at the same time, I really do FEEL pregnant this time. Nursing is sore, which I've not had in the run up to periods before, I feel so tired all day, but part of me is thinking is this due to night wake ups, or is it partly psycho-sematic? I've been weeing a bit more frequently too, and it's not because I've been drinking more.

But stupidly I've caved and done some tests... both of which are mostly negative. Of course I have squinted away at them and tilted them into the light, and squinted more, and OOoooh! A line!?! Or is it?!! I feel like I'm convincing myself that I'm pregnant, first with the symptoms, and then with the practically (if not completely) non-existant line. I'm not even due on til Tuesday or Wednesday!

I need to relax and think to myself "what's done is done", if I'm pregnant I'm already pregnant and it will show on a test eventually, if I'm not pregnant then there's nothing I can do about it. Either way, peeing on a stick daily from 5 days before I'm even due on and wondering about whether there is or isn't a line isn't going to do any good!!!

Alice, was surprised to hear that about the ovulation, can stress delay ovulation? I'm not even sure for certain that I have ovulated yet, as I've not had any of the blood tinged CM that I've had before, or a definite one sided twinge, or anything really. I guess it's just a waiting game now!


  1. I'm with Alice. Stress cannot delay your period, only your ovulation. And if you haven't had a lot of egg white cm or ovulation cramping or pain maybe you havent ovulated yet. Only way to really know for sure are to use opks and temp. I think you're in a waiting game! :s

  2. Personally, I agree with the testing from the day you are late theory and may have tested a little early. Ovulation is a complicated little matter that is different for so many for so many reasons so do not be too disheartened but even if it's not this time, I feel a good year for you and maybe a January baby (just so we can both have November, Sept and Jan babies to match.) Hugs. xxx