Monday, 6 July 2009

7.5 months old - good week apart from today (!)

Whatta week. Today has been urgh. The rest of the last week has been quite good! Messy play, which we now go to on Wednesday afternoons is good fun, and the last one I went with Sarah and Keiran too. Thursday though Robert was being a pain and didn't settle for his nap until gone 1pm so I didn't go to the session that day. Friday was okay I think. Saturday was great, we had a BBQ with Sarah, Mark and Keiran, I had some drinks! (Smirnoff ice mmmmmmm) And it was soooo relaxed and soooo much fun! Robert fell asleep in his highchair in the middle of eating some bread roll... when he woke up he wasn't a happy bunny, he was in an uncomfortable sitting position with a piece of soggy bread in his mouth... can't have been the nicest way to wake up!!

Then yesterday was a friend's baby's christening. She is 2 months younger than Robert but weighs about the same! There were some other babies there, an 8.5 month old, and a 10.5 month old, neither of which were crawling properly, although the 10.5 month old had started belly shuffling. Crazy! My super duper little man!

Robert is becoming more and more confident with his crawling, he can get quite a pace up and it won't be long before the cat will have something to worry about! He's managed to sneak up on her and pat her tail once, she zoomed off so quick! Hehe! He is now able to pull himself up on practically anything. He's done it on the sofa now, which is quite high up, and he's also done it in his travel cot (which I've been using occasionally as a play pen) which has nothing really to grab hold of there. He does it ALL the time in his cot, which is a little worrying because although it's down at the lowest setting and has been since just before he could sit himself up from laying down, he does sometimes lose his balance, topple down and bang his head! I'm wondering whether those "bumpers" all the way round the cot will help with that?

This morning Robert woke up at 5am, wouldn't go back to sleep, and to make matters worse, Jonathan had been having stomach pains since the middle of the night, which carried on into the morning, and as it happened, all throughout the day and only eased up this evening! He's felt like he could throw up any second all day, and has barely eaten a thing. He ate about 3 bites of a slice of toast I made him for breakfast, and he's had a banana for late lunch, and that's it! And then started aching, so I hope it's not flu and that I don't get it, because if I do I'll just be totally out of it. Robert was refusing to nap today as well, and he was completely knackered, had been screaming for hours when my Dad popped in from his trip around the country to see all his kids and grandkids (Helen in Bradford, Stephen, Nicky and Ewan in Chester, then down to us in Northamptonshire). Robert finally fell asleep in my arms having refused the breast several times, and Dad and I then went out and got some plants for the garden, we got back, totally expecting him to be awake, but he stayed asleep for about 2.5 hours!!

But I didn't deal too well with the 5 hours between Robert waking and my dad turning up very well at all. I was so tired, and once Robert started to get tired for his nap as well but refused to go down I just seemed to lose it and got so angry and frustrated. :( And took it out a little on Jonathan too who'd come down despite being ill :(

This evening, Jonathan rang his parents to ask them to come around and look after Robert for a while so we could both have a bit of a break, I went upstairs and we both managed to get some sleep, it was about 9.15 when we woke up. And Robert went to bed maybe around 10pm finally.

Anyway he's sporting a few bruises on his forehead, where he's fallen over and hit his head while falling over from standing. We're going to surestart tomorrow and he's also getting weighed, I just hope I don't get any funny looks from the HV about those bruises, I'm so paranoid about things like that!! Especially with my PND on record etc.

Well, one last thing before I sign off tonight, and that is my weight is finally dropping again after a 3 week plateau. I'm now overweight rather than obese with a BMI of around 29.8, and weighing about 14 stone. I still have another 3 and a half stone I want to lose before we start trying again for another baby, but it's getting there! 3 stone would be okay, I'll still be well into normal weight range then, and lighter than I have been for about 7 years or so!

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