Friday, 7 September 2012

Busy busy week!

Last weekend we put the shed up. I say "we" but my contribution mainly consisted of helping to move the panels into position, or holding panels still, that sort of thing. Jonathan did a GREAT job. Once it was finished, we both painted it in preserve (which, unknown to us, also kills grass). I set to work painting the inside. You know those not-strictly-necessary things you think are a good idea at first, but then shortly after you start, you wonder why you bothered? That was one of those things. But since I started, I had to finish! Luckily, once I HAD finished, I was pleased that I had done it!

Once that was done, two coats on all the interior walls, I painted the floor and ceiling. Just one coat on each was enough. Then over the next few days, I painted the outside of the shed, with the door and window frame the same colour as the interior. Also, I started clearing out the garage, making a list of things to give away, things to sell, things to keep. I ordered some shelving units to go in the shed, and constructed those when they arrived. Emptied a lot more of the things in the garage.

Today, two of Robert's nursery teachers came over for a home visit. I was positively ashamed and disgusted by the state of the house, so all day yesterday and this morning I spent tidying and cleaning. By the time they came, the kitchen was almost immaculate, and the living room was pretty good too!

The nursery teachers were lovely, the first thing they commented on was the fish I'd made with the boys a couple of months ago, and put on the garage door. With this as a prompt, Robert then went and grabbed the dinosaur we'd made from cardboard tubes, an old mushroom pot and scrunched up tinfoil. He tried to show them just about every one of his toys, and started rabbiting away to them the whole time! They were very impressed with his speech and vocabulary, to the point they couldn't believe he was a relatively late talker! I'm really looking forward to him starting, I know he'll love it.

On Saturday, we are probably seeing the inlaws to chat about what's going to happen with the garage conversion, as the builder wanted to start on Monday... The same day we are going on holiday! We are also thinking of dressing the boys in these on Saturday. I'm a bit nervous about this pregnancy announcement. Because my parents only had two kids (well, my dad adopted his step-daughter making a third for him), and so did my inlaws. Still, I think I've hinted enough to everyone that I wasn't done at 2... So hopefully I won't get any negative comments.

I knew even before Christopher was born I'd want a third child, so this baby is very much wanted, and I hope no-one rains on my parade.


  1. I always knew I wanted three...... but sadly for me it wasn't meant to be :(
    I'm insanely jealous, but very happy for you and I hope all your family is happy too :D

  2. if anyone does rain on your parade that would make them a very mean person :-( a new baby is an amazing thing and very very HAPPY news, anyone who thinks otherwise is just silly. The t-shirts are adorable :-) x

  3. I love the tshirts. They are great. Don't worry about anyone elses reaction, they should be pleased for you. As long as you, hubby and the boys are happy that's the thing that matters most. x