Wednesday, 15 March 2017

40 weeks 6 days

I guess you could say I'm getting a but frustrated. Baby number 4 seems to be going the same way as baby number 3,im getting so many false starts, and yesterday's one really took its toll on me. Today I have spent the day mostly crying, sitting on the sofa, trying to think of what to make for food. I had my 41 week antenatal appointment. Baby is doing great. Well engaged, heartbeat is fine, yada yada. Now she just needs to get a move on. Judging by the contractions I've been having the last two days, I really really hope she is here soon. But at the same time I can see myself going beyond 42 weeks, trying desperately to cling onto my sanity and homebirth, fighting for this last baby of mine to come naturally in her own time. I really hope she decides to come soon.


  1. Thinking of you and sending labour vibes for her to come soon!!

  2. You're probably in labour now!!